IT Staffing Placement and Staff Augmentation

Need help finding quality IT candidates? Pumex Computing specializes in bringing top quality candidates to the table. We tailor our searches and draw on our candidate pool to help you find the right candidate, with the proper mix of skills.

Running into these familiar staffing challenges?

  1. Being flooded with resumes where candidate skillsets don’t match the experience on paper.
  2. Posting a job ad and not getting any candidates who match the requisite skills.
  3. Consistent employee turnover at key IT positions.
  4. No real consistency of quality to the candidates being sourced from other staffing firms.
  5. Does this list go on?

Pumex Computing has identified several gaps within the staffing industry and has developed a process to bring quality candidates, many of whom are excelling at their current positions.

Beyond Year One Recruiting Process

We utilize a beyond year one hiring approach which helps the candidate understand: growth metrics from a skills based and professional perspective, what makes the position exciting and challenging, properly communicating the company’s value proposition, and helping to reduce the candidate risk of making that move into a new environment.

Technical Pre-Screen

Because Pumex also has IT outsourcing capabilities, we utilize our technical staff to pre-screen candidates and ensure they are a match for the required positional skills. Meaning you are only assessing candidates that can actually do the work required.

Your time is valuable. Let us do the sorting and allow you to spend your time more productively and move your projects forward.

Our Staff Augmentation Hiring Steps:

  1. Industrial Skill Assessment – we carefully assess each candidates skill set to ensure that they are market relevant and fulfill our clients requirements.
  2. Personal Assessment – we interview each candidate one-on-one to align their personal goals to our client’s organizational goals.
  3. E-Verify – We use E-Verify, an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration that allows us to use information on an employee’s Form I-9 to determine a worker’s ability to work in the United States.
  4. Drug and criminal background check – we ensure that all our candidates are screened and verified in order to provide our clients a safe and drug free work environment.
  5. Job Placement Orientation – After completing our stringent screening process, workers are oriented for job placement so they are fully equipped and prepared to deliver quality services.
  6. Evaluation and support – we regularly evaluate the performance of our resources in order to maintain high quality standards. Also, throughout the job tenure, we provide technical and non-technical support to our resources so that they are comfortable and productive in their work space.