Operations And Business Management

Operations and Business Operations (OBO) excellence are often described as outstanding practices in managing the organization and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts or values. They are the disciplines that contain elements of organizational leadership, organizational intelligence, and process structure which focuses on meeting customer expectation, all the while stressing the application of a variety of principles, systems, and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics.These are sets of capabilities organizations build to create sustainable competitive advantages; while adapting to an ever-changing competitive landscape. Recognize that designing and implementing an efficient and effective OBO value-stream is essential for businesses to compete successfully in the new global market. Essential competitive capabilities that businesses must master to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their value stream may belong to one of many operations process teams.

Companies having superior capabilities to their competition, generally maintain a stronger and more durable competitive advantage. While not all inclusive, below are some examples of how Pumex will help your organization achieve OBO excellence:
  • The Pumex objective is to assist you in creating a competitive advantage through the implementation of your organization’s strategic plan and achieving your strategic intent. We accomplish this through the assessment, development, and implementation of long-term strategic business priorities with organizational alignment. Participating in the strategic planning discussions, assessing the current state of the organization, with a critical eye on the desired future state of the business technologies. A key performance indicator is the measure of internal investment as a direct enabler of technologies, and business execution systems required in the future
  • Within the basket of problems, the challenge is often to identify, isolate, and focus energy on solving the problems that make all the other problems solvable.
  • Pumex will align the functional organizations to create a strategy-focused operational alignment which is designed for the achievement of organizational objectives and provide value through results. With increased buy-in and process ownership operational excellence, a culture of inclusion, talent, expertise, robust processes, and focus on results gains traction. The alignment of organizational responsibility, accountability, and authority (RAA) will define functional swim-lanes for execution requirements; improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Long Range Strategic planning & Process Alignment include:
  • Gap Analysis
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Strategy Road Mapping
  • Technology Road Mapping
  • Business Process Road Mapping
Pumex has demonstrated the ability to achieve results in the integration of business operations, project execution, and the turn-around of underperforming operations through:
The Reduction of waste and self-imposed nonvalue-adding requirements
Realigning and Consolidating to create efficiencies and avoid duplication
Creating Repeatable Processes and Procedures
Experienced in processes of Long-Term Strategic Planning, we look beyond today into your future pipeline of target projects for an over-the-horizon line of sight planning view with the:
Alignment of Organizational Support Tactics with Top Level Business Strategies
Streamlining and Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness
Pulling in the same direction – Leveraging effort
Contact us to discuss how Operations and Business Excellence Consulting can support you and your organization in establishing or accelerating your own Operational Excellence initiative.