Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence (OpEx) is a series of functional disciplines working collaboratively toward the same objectives and goals; seeking the same end-result. OpEx must be a core element of an organization’s culture to create the desired effective of identifying and driving effective change. Otherwise, in today’s environment of fast- paced change or be changed, organizations find themselves in a “results competition.”

Are you making operational improvements without sustained benefits? Are you deploying new tools and only getting one-off results? Pumex will direct your OpEx efforts and connect your operational improvements to achieve a result that will support business growth. Creating the strategies,designing the tactics and turning it all over to the functional groups for execution is the end goal.

A competitive advantage is achieved through the organized leverage of your OpEx team in the functional disciplines, which will simplify project execution. Your competitive advantage becomes durable and is sustained through the repeatability of the functional processes with a limited variation of results; allowing for trouble-shooting and adjustments.

Strategy and execution are everyone’s responsibility. The strategic goals are the pragmatic definition of the organization’s aspirations and drive the definition and operation of the work necessary to achieve them; it is the gui ding light for the whole organization. There should be enough clarity so that the when the 'plan' is shared, everyone understands their role and responsibility; clarity of what is required by each organization, each process step, and each person to accomplish the objective. The delegation of authority is in alignment with the established RAA; minimizing organizational inefficiencies.

There is both an element of independence and inter-dependency between the functional organizations. With many processes executed to their own set of functional standards, then handed off to the next organization for the value- adding processing required to execute the value-stream, the quality of the previous operation will have a direct impact on the next steps. The quality of internal work products is as critical as the final customer delivery. It is important to lead and manage with a dual focus; thinking about the higher level long-term objectives and strategies, while executing the tactics of the day-to- day project requirements.

We will work with your teams to embed the higher-level objectives, translate them into actionable steps for each function group and implement repeatable processes which:
  • Trend identification

  • Improve visibility

  • Focus on the priorities and ensure the ability to achieve

  • Establish Lead Measuring KPI’s

  • Design a Scorecard to reflect the current measure of performance against the KPI’s

  • Implement a cadence of accountability and review systems

The results are greater employee engagement in the day-to- day business, insight into current issues, smoother more efficient execution, increased effectiveness of your staff, and increased profitability. Designing and creating a more stable and robust end-to- end process flow does not happen by chance, rather by design and implementation.

The best way to predict your future is to create it

Peter F. Drucker
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