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Pumex Computing is a mobile app development company that offers an array of iphone and android app app development services. We have core expertise in both iOS & Android for the following mobile app solutions:

Hybrid Mobile App Development
Cross Platform Mobile Development
Native Mobile App Development

Each type of platform has different advantages and disadvantages in performance, cost, and ease of development. A knowledgeable mobile app programming company like Pumex will work with you to outline a list of app requirements and help you to decide the best course of action for app performance, timeline, and budget.

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  • Hybrid Mobile App Development

    A hybrid mobile app utilizes a “native wrapper” like Apache Cordova to access the phone’s native API’s. The native API’s give a hybrid mobile app developer access to all of the phones inbuilt functionality like; GPS, accessibility features, accelerometer, camera, voice, etc. The mobile app utilizes Cordova as a layer between the native phone’s SDK and a single development platform. With hybrid development, you can build a mobile app in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript one time, then with minimal code changes, run that app on both iOS and Android. As the hybrid app technology has improved over the last several years, so has speed and ability to access the phone’s native API’s. The result being for most applications users won’t be able to tell the difference between a native or hybrid app. . As a bonus, there are open source solutions available like Ionic Framework, which speed up the development process and provides many of the elements and SDK’s a hybrid mobile app developer would need to make the app appear to be a native application across the iOS and Android platforms. We use only the best hybrid mobile app development tools and will discuss the pros and cons of hybrid app vs native app development. Open source mobile app development software is also a resource that we leverage.

    • Build the code base one time and have the hybrid mobile app available across both platforms saving development costs and shortening time to market.
    • Lower long-term support costs (single code base allows for quicker and easier updating).
    • The project doesn’t require Android & Swift (iOS) developers for both mobile OS’s, cutting down on overall cost.
    • The hybrid application development architecture makes it easy for web developers that have experience in AngularJS, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 to make the jump to mobile app development, saving on the need for very specialized resources.
    • For extremely graphic and processor intensive mobile apps like games, hybrid apps may lag.
    • May have some gaps in complete native look and feel over apps built specifically in a mobile OS’s native language.
  • Cross Platform App Development

    Cross platform mobile app development is very similar to a hybrid mobile app. The key differentiators being the cross platform app is built with a different type of mobile wrapper that utilizes a JavaScript integrated development environment. The code is still portable across iOS and Android and wrappers like Appcelerator Titanium offer many built in features which allow for a native look and feel. Cross platform apps can require more knowledge of native development languages, depending on the wrapper you use. The differences between a cross platform app and hybrid app are minor and many times come down to developer preference. Cordova is a generally accepted industry standard when creating hybrid apps since developers tend to find UI’s are easier to design when working with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript vs. working with JavaScript alone. We use app development tools that save time and money. Call us for cross platform app development services.

    • Cross platform apps take less time to market.
    • Cross platform mobile apps are less costly to produce.
    • Single code base to maintain.
    • Less need for different types specialized developers.
    • Cross platform apps may lag for extremely graphic and processor intensive apps like games.
    • May have gaps in native look and feel compared to apps developed in their respective native languages.
  • Native Mobile App Development

    Do you know the native and hybrid app difference? Advantages of hybrid apps are numerous. Many of our clients have asked the question, native app vs hybrid app? Native mobile apps are built in an apps native language, Swift or Objective C for iOS and Java for Android. Native apps can directly access the phone’s SDK which has all API’s to phone functionality readily available along with native UI elements for app look and feel. Native mobile apps provide the fastest and most native user experience available. While Pumex has the capability to develop any requirement in a native app environment, more often than not it saves money and time, with little to no application performance cost, to build a hybrid or cross platform app. If your specific requirement has high processor or GPU utilization, then native apps are definitely the way to go. Otherwise, the cost savings and time to market are significant since you will only have to develop one code base for both platforms with hybrid or cross platform.

    • Native apps have best possible performance on a device.
    • Provides the most native app user experience available.
    • Native app development costs are higher
    • Native mobile app development requires specialized resources to develop on both mobile OS.
    • Native mobile apps take longer time to market.
    • Native apps have higher cost to maintain.

Pumex Computing is dedicated to getting the job done right, the first time. This commitment to excellence is evidenced by a 100% on time, in budget, and at or above quality expectations track record. Take a look at our Portfolio and see what our clients have to say.


Our Commitment and Guarantee

Pumex delivers 100% scalable, robust and high-performance softwares, mobile apps and web applications.

100% Transparency

Pumex understands that keeping our clients up to date and knowledgeable through the development process is foundational to our business relationship. That’s why you will be fully informed on the project 100% of the time.


Pumex works with our clients in the way that best fits their needs, we don’t believe in forcing organizations into a box. Which is why we custom tailor each engagement to meet your specific requirements.

Track Record

Our focus on process and project management has led to an over 95% track record of delivering on time, within budget, and to quality expectations.

Project Support

Pumex stands by the work we do and will fix any bugs/issues found in your software without fail. We believe that you should be 100% satisfied with the engagement and don’t want you to think of anyone else the next time a project comes up.

Technical Support

We offer a quick support turnaround, firm support SLA’s, and can provide 24/7 project support if you require it. Pumex understands that an immediate response and the fastest possible resolution is key to the support process.

The Right Price

Pumex has multiple engagement options and extremely competitive pricing. Whether you prefer a firm fixed price, time and materials, or fixed price resources; Pumex will work to define a scope that fits your budget.

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